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Tomorrow is the first meet.  Some reminders for you to pass on to your parents.

Tomorrow is the only day we will do the course walk.  It will begin at noon.  I am looking for two volunteers for the course walk.  I need someone to lead the subnovice walk and someone to lead the cadet walk.  All the coaches should know the course so please step forward and let me know.

All paperwork and fees must be turned in tomorrow.  No paperwork, no bibs.  No bibs, no racing.  Sorry.

High temp for tomorrow is 88 degrees.  The championship will not be won on the first day of racing but it can be lost. Advise your athletes to be cautious.

As of this moment, we only have one biker for tomorrow.  I am hoping that someone else steps up.

The only people who are to park on the access road by the finish line are those who are working the meet.  Parents should not be parked there.

No parents should approach the timer.  If there is an issue, the coach should take care of the problem.

Keep numbers away from the finish line during races.

Wait until the runners have exited the finish chute before approaching them.

There was a meet at Belmont today and there were several cars that were robbed.  Remind parents to lock cars and hide al their valuables.

We are offering Philadelphia CYO gear for sale again this year.  This is the link to share with all your parents.  All orders will be done on line and gear will be distributed at the end of the season (usually at champs.)

Good luck tomorrow!