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All submitted changes have been updated in the on-line system for your review.

Some quick housekeeping for your records.

All new entries MUST be submitted using this link.

Remember, you will NOT see entries online immediately, so do not re-enter for any reason.

You can view this link to check your registrations:

Make sure you view this list sorted by School so that all your entries are together.

Please keep in mind that what you see in the Race Result link is what your athletes will be scored off of.  The first pull for bibs that was submitted to the printer will NOT have your corrections on them.  They will have the mistakes in the bib that you or your parents had entered.  Consider that cosmetic only.  Please DO NOT have parents come to the timing trailer for any reason.  Communications will only be made through coaches.  Please check the above link before trying to address information with wrong information on the back of the bib.  You only need to contact me if the on-line data is incorrect.

Thanks much!!!